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Baseball (Or Hockey Puck) Holder Glass Case Ultra Pro No. 81706

Baseball Holder-Glass Case Ultra Pro Display Series
Baseball Holder-Glass Case Ultra Pro Display Series
Sale Price: $27.95
In Stock: 1
Item Number: SUBH15

Baseball, or Hockey Puck, Holder GLASS CASE, Ultra Pro 81706--from the Ultra Pro Display Series

The perfect Display Case for that extra special Baseball, or Hockey Puck.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Ultra Pro offers FREE Name Plate and Personalized Engraving (a $10.00 Value). A Mail In coupon to send to Ultra Pro is included inside the box. (OR you can go to and order online). You pay only for shipping/handling for each Plate ordered. (As of Jan. 2012, this charge is $5.95). Instructions come inside the box. Engraving instructions allow 2 Rows of 15 Letters per Line. The Mail-in coupon says to allow 3-4 weeks for engraving orders.


* Handcrafted Cherry Wood base, with mirror

* Heavyweight GLASS Case, with beveled edges

* Protects agains UV damage

* Rear panel features removable mirror (see note 1)

* Rubber pads proctect furniture

Note 1. Additonal pictures show the Factory Box showing the holder with/without the optional (included) mirror back

Note 2. Autographed ball not included; shown for illustrative purpose only

Note 3. The Glass Holder has an outside dimension of 4 in. by 4 in. by 4 in. The Glass itself is 1/8 inch thick. Also, the wood base the holder sits on is 1 1/2 in high, and 4 1/2 in. square.

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