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Baseball Single Cards

If  you are looking to place an order for Single Cards, please give us a call and we will do our best to give you a better  price on Shipping. 
Our single sports cards are NRMT-MT; or better, unless otherwise noted in the card description.
Ken Griffey Jr, Baseball  Cards
....... and Griffey Jr. Card Lots
Mike Piazza Baseball Cards
Special Value: Piazza Card Lot
24x36 Baseball Card Posters of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers, printed on baseball Card Stock.
Check here for Baseball hot Rookie Cards, veteran and upcoming stars, Memorabilia Cards, Autographed cards, special insert and parallel cards.
Baseball Team Lots
Baseball sport card assortment of 40 cards of some of the top Baseball Teams
Roger Clemens Baseball  Cards
Special Value: Clemens Card Lots
Nomar Garciaparra Baseball Cards
Special Value: Garciaparra Card Lot
Special Value: Helton Card Lot
Randy Johnson Baseball Cards
Special Value: Johnson Card Lot
Pedro Martinez Baseball Cards
Special Value: Martinez Card Lot
Special Value: Ramirez Card Lot
Special Value: Rolen Card Lot
Ryne Sandberg Baseball Cards
Special Value:Sandberg Card Lot
Curt Shilling Baseball Cards
Special Value: Schilling Card Lot
Special Value: Soriano Card Lot
Sammy Sosa Baseball Cards
Special Value: Sosa Card Lot
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