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How To Buy Sports Cards On-Line

Info for the New Collector

Buying Sports Cards from an on-line sports card site.
Most sports card collectors had their first experience with buying cards from local card dealers. In recent years, it has become more difficult to find local sports card dealers as many small local shops are closing. So the collector has turned to online dealer's websites to purchase their sports cards.

Inevitably, many of the collectors are discovering that the internet is a great place to find exactly what they want and with very little effort. A collector can find what he, or she, wants with a few clicks of the mouse. Saves on time, saves on gas, and saves on frustration.

If you are buying cards for the first time and are intimidated by the many different types of cards and manufacturers, there are a few simple things to think about in order to make a decision. Keep the following advice in mind and buying cards. Hopefully these ideas will help you have a great start.

Do you have a general idea of the type of sports cards you want to purchase?
(i.e. Do you want to buy a box of cards, or a set?)

Sports card sets contain individual baseball cards. The cards in a set include base-set cards, subset cards and rookie cards. The sports card sets can contain over 350 cards or as few as 15 cards. Sets are usually factory sealed, however, some may be hand collated. Topps and Upper Deck Card Companies are the primary makers of Sports card sets

Sports card boxes contain sealed wax packs. The baseball card packs include a random assortment of base-set cards, rookie cards and special insert cards. The number of packs in the boxes can range from 36 packs to 1 pack. Sports card boxes are produced by Topps, Playoff, Donruss, Leaf, Bowman and Upper Deck card companies.

Is the website secure?
Check the site out. Does it have a SSL certificate.

Is the site using a 128 bit encryption.?

On the checkout pages does the address change to ? (the "s" indicates you are on a secure encrypted page.)

Are there detailed descriptions of the products offered?
Are there pictures of the products your are interested in.

Does the site offer a detailed description of the products of interest?

Do they let you know exactly what you can expect in each box of cards, or what the odds are of receiving a particular type of card in the boxes.

If you are interested in a large quantity of a product, do they offer quantity discounts.

Be sure the site lets you know that the product is in stock. If they do not, call to be sure.

Is the information listed below available on the WebSite's Pages?
Does the site list the company address, a contact page, and a telephone number? (Perferably a toll-free number.)

Is there a comments page where you can read about customer experiences with the company.

Does the company post Shipping Info? Privacy Policy? Security Info?

Do they process their  orders quickly?  If not, how many days will it take before the sports cards, or sports card
supplies are shipped?

What shipper do they use and is the package insured?

Here at AD Sports Cards Etc. we offer a great shopping experience.

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