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Jerry Rice 1999 Upper Deck Power Deck CD-ROM No. PD12

Sale Price: $6.75
In Stock: 1
Item Number: FSJRi51
This is a PowerDeck trading card. To enjoy it, simply place the PowerDeck card in your CD-ROM drive to begin.
Minimum system recommendation: Pentium processor-based PC, 133 Mhz, 12 MB of available RAM. Microsoft Windows 95/98, QuickTime 3.0 extension for Windows (included), 16-bit color display monitor (required), Sound Blaster compatable card, 4X or faster CD-ROM drive.
Minimun system recommendation for Macintosh: Power Macintosh computer 120MHz, 12 MB of available RAM, Apple Sysem software version 7.6 or later, QuickTime 3.0 extension (Included), 640x480 display monitor with 16-bit color (thousands of color), 4x or faster CD-ROM drive.

Card viewing on computer is awesome; each card has PROFILES, highlighting players career, college and/or professional; HIGHLIGHT REEL, with action shots from some practice sessions and real NFL official games; STAT ZONE, with both season, and career statistics, and GALLERY, a series of snapshots of player and key moments.

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