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  • Ordering a Presell Product assures you of getting a particular item when it is released, and at a stated price.
  • Once a product is released, the Market will determine the price. Prices on newly released products are based on the product's quality including insert ratios, player performance, rookie inclusions, scarcity of the product, and more. Like the stock market, the price can go up, stay the same, or drop. 
  • Descriptions and release dates for a product are provided by the manufacturer and subject to change. We update our info as soon as we hear about any change to the product, or its release date.
  • This is considered a special order and your credit card will be charged the day the order is placed.
  • Since we buy a product based on Presell Orders, the charge on Presells is NOT REFUNDABLE, unless the product is not provided to us .

NOTE: In Ordering, if a Presell Item is combined with an In-Stock Item, the In-Stock Item will be held and shipped along with the PreSell Item. If you want the In-Stock item(s) sooner, then you need to place two orders; One for the Pre-Sell product and one for the In-Stock item(s).

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