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Sports Cards and Ultra Pro Card Holders Top Sellers
Ultra Pro Sports Card Holders & Sports Memorabilia Protection

AD Sports Cards Etc. wants to offer it's customers the best in sports cards and sports memorabilia protection.. That is why Ultra Pro card holders and supplies are the only holders we carry.

Ultra Pro is known for maintaining the industry's highest standards in sports card storage and memorabilia protection. For decades, the Ultra Pro brand has carried a history of innovation holding numerous patents to some of the industry's most sought-after designs.

Even though Ultra Pro has been in the card protection business for over 15 years, their everyday philosophy remains the same: to help preserve your prized card and memorabilia for years to come.

Ultra Pro's sports storage accessories are completely archival safe. From the pocket card pages, to the baseball and puck holders, Ultra Pro's entire line of products offer the Ultra Pro guarantee.

Below is a list of the Ultra Pro sports cards and sports memorabilia holders and supplies available at AD Sports Cards Etc. For complete descriptions and pricing check out our category Sports Card Supplies and Ultra Pro Card Holders

Ultra Pro 3 inch D-ring Sports Binders, Sports Albums
•AD Sports Cards Etc offers Ultra Pro card album-binders for baseball, football, basketball, hockey. Also available is the collectors album-binder.
•Perfect for keeping your favorite rookie or veteran trading cards available for viewing
•Keep your cards tucked away and safe when you're not trading or showing them to friends.
•These binders - albums are oversized and padded.
•Refill pages are available for your Ultra Pro binders - album.

Ultra Pro Pocket Card Pages for 3 Ring Binders
•Ultra Pro Platinum series card pages are for 3 inch D-ring ring binders - albums.
•Sheets can have 1 pocket, 2 pocket, 3 pocket, up to 15 pockets. Each pocket holds one card, or photo.
•The 9 pocket card page is for standard sports cards.
•Keep your valuable cards safe in our Ultra Pro album- binders.

Ultra Pro Toploaders

•Want to show off that great rookie card, a Hall of Fame sports cards, or protect a special autographed card? Use the Ultra Pro toploader, the best in single card protection!
•Ultra Pro Rigid top loaders are rigid toploading sports card holders. These Ultra Pro top loaders are available in over 15 different sizes. Find the standard 3x4 up to 8.5x11.
•The 3 x 4 Thick top loaders come in 55 pt, 75 pt, 100 pt, 130 pt & 180 pt.

Ultra Pro Screwdowns
•Some cards are so valuable, they deserve the very best. UltraPro Screwdowns, the only protection for your one-of-a-kind sports trading cards.
•AD Sports Cards Etc. offers Ultra Pro screw down card holders from 1-screw screw downs standard and thick 1- screw screwdowns, plus 4-screw screwdowns.
•4 screw screw downs come in recessed, frosted and non-recessed styles.

Ultra Pro Soft Sleeves & Team Bags
•Ultra Pro flexible soft card sleeves are for a single sports card, or postcard. One soft sleeve holds 1 card. Commonly known as penny sleeves.
•AD Sports Cards Etc offers regular, premium, tall, vintage, postcard and graded card sleeves.
•Team bags are available and hold up to approximately15 sports cards.

Ultra Pro Semi Rigid Card Holder & Magnetic Card Holder
•Ultra Pro semi-rigid sports card holders, standard
•Tall semi rigid holder for graded card submission

Ultra Pro Magnetic One Touch Card Holder
•One-Touch Magnetic sports card holders for standard cards
•One-Touch Magnetic holders for thick (Relic) cards
•All Magnetic one-touches are UV protected and come in 35pt, 55 pt, 75pt, 100 pt, 130pt, and 180pt.

Ultra Pro Specialty Card Holders, Storage Boxes, Stands
•If you're looking for a way to display your favorite sports cards on the wall, or on your desk, try the ultimate Ultra Pro specialty holders; recessed snap card holders, Lucite holders and Lucite card holders with built-in base.
•Storage boxes are available in hinged and two piece storage boxes (no hinge). Boxes are ultra clear.
•Storage boxes are available to hold cards up to10 ct, 15 ct, 35 ct, 50 ct, 100 ct, 150 ct and 250 ct.
•AD Sports Cards Etc. also has stands for the card holders. Stands come in vertical Lucite or a 2-piece display unit.

Ultra Pro Baseball Ball Holders & Hockey Puck Holders
•Ultra Pro baseball ball holders are available in round with gold base and stackable square. There is also a square Uv protected baseball ball holder.
•The baseball ball and card holders are available in light, or dark, wood and acrylic.
•Also available is a premium dark wood glass display case that is uv protected.
•The Ultra Pro puck holders are extra thick and a great display for that extra special hockey puck. Ultra Pro puck and card holders come in acrylic.
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